Free cats tomorrow

Two days ago I noticed all these terrifying little things that looked like pieces of rice all around my cat’s butt! Horrid. I quarantined her in my room, looked it up online, and found out that it’s pretty much a definite sign of tapeworm and nothing else.

What else I learned about tapeworm:
-Cats can’t pass it to us or each other. They can only get it from eating an infected animal, usually a mouse or a flea, while grooming or hunting.
-The “rice” are shed segments of the tapeworm that break off as it grows. They are carrying tapeworm eggs which are dropped from the cat and eaten by flea larvae
-It’s harmless to the cat in the short term and an injection from the vet will cure it.
-The ways to control tapeworm are to use flea repellent and discourage hunting. (Yeah right cats are natural killers and start hunting as soon as they can see. They love killing, love eating blood and bones, and are proud to share their kill- I will never discourage hunting!)

I was able to get an appointment right away at a vet with good prices. Got her a shot, got her a rabies shot, I felt so bad though cause she is terrified of the car. She meows in this pathetic way and doesn’t get mad at me or even resist. She’s just trusting and sweet even though she’s scared, so I feel all guilty and sorry like I’m taking advantage! I got her a can of her favorite cat food to cheer her up, which she liked but there’s no buying a cat’s happiness. There’s no guilt for them, or grudges, or promising anything, they just like everything to be cozy and familiar.

Speaking of familiar, while I was at a little store trying to get cat food some kind of pimp tried to get me to work for him! He introduced himself while I was reading the goddamn cat food can, saying this and that about who he is, and all like, “Are you working right now, you know what I’m saying?” “No.” Well it was more like “no.” This is not the first time someone’s tried to hire me (as opposed to solicit me.)

You guys, the whole “it’s probably what you were wearing” thing is gaaaaarbage. I was wearing heavy weight, roomy work pants covered in paint and glue, unfashionable but comfortable sneakers, a big zipped up hoodie, my awesome new Wayne’s World hat, and no makeup. “Guess you still got it, Sam!” Yeah guess if “it” is the ability to have some turd who name drops Boston like it’s exotic offer to exploit my unrestrainable hotness and spectacular demeanor to make money for himself. If I did want to start sticking my ugly feet in men’s mouths for money that douchebag would not be the one to profit from it. Not that anyone was mentioning feet, and not that the street workers I see ever actually dress flashy, and not that I don’t have compassion for the tough positions people can get in because I do. But come on I was in the stupid convenience store minding my own business and walked to the cat food the long way so I could avoid this fuckin guy!

I’m so unphased by this bullshit now cause I’ve heard it so many times first hand or from friends. Not unphased in general, but in the moment I barely even have a response anymore. When I was in my teens and early 20’s I was flipping everyone off! In high school I’d even carry a marble in my pocket to throw at cars, but I must have been radiating marble when I had it, cause on those days no one would bother me. Shit, I wasn’t even at some kind of hot store, I was just trying to buy some stupid cat food for my nice little pathetic cat at the stupid shitty convenience store that didn’t even have it!

The next place I went to didn’t have it, and the man walking out the door ahead of me had a bunch of flashy jewelry on so I was all ready for bullshit. But he just held the door for me and it was normal. So I said thank you and he said you’re welcome- how above and beyond, right, to just act totally regular? Some men ruin it for the rest. A lot of men ruin it for the rest. If I was a man I’d be fuckin piiiiissed. (Or maybe buuuummed.) I wonder what my wonderful regular man friends think about all that. Probably like I do about homophobic stuff, like mostly helpless, shocked and pissed it happens, and beyond willing to help but only really able to offer an example of someone who cares about acting supportive and regular, and not being a disgusting monster. Hey here’s a great song to tie that together!

The other day my friend (who is totally tough and intimidating) said he sometimes sees me walking around by myself and doesn’t say hi cause he says I walk like I’m heading somewhere to beat the shit out of someone! Haha I don’t feel like that but definitely walk around on guard, and have come to expect some kind of bullshit with some man yelling at me. Happens way more in Providence than New Jersey, happens in literally every kind of neighborhood.

Here’s another list. I’m on year 16 of regular street harassment and I’ve found:
-baggy, modest, or men’s clothes don’t result in less harassment
-makeup, jewelry, flashy clothes don’t result in more harassment
-combinations of modest and immodest result in the most
-high boots get more, regardless of the style of boot or rest of the outfit
-being on a mountain bike gets more harassment than being on a road bike
-very short hair (even in a way femme way), extremely immodest clothes (unless on a bike), or walking a dog get almost no harassment.

That up there is the stupid thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life!
You know those numbered lists of sexual assault prevention tips going around with items like “If you see someone, don’t follow them to their car and rape them”- those lists are alright!

Very curious about things like hijab but have no interest in wearing religious clothes of a religion I’m not. (Though according to the extensive research I’ve done on Youtube the response wouldn’t be to call it appropriation or being a douchey poser, but to be glad another woman is choosing to dress modestly.) I think it’s an intriguing idea but most likely not for me. I know hijab and burkas etc are more striking than this, but I still don’t see much of a difference between those clothes and my insulated coveralls, which I also get catcalled in! More importantly stopping catcalling on me doesn’t actually stop it. I can walk around trying to prepare for or please some emotionally deformed bully, or I can do whatever the hell I want, wear what I want, run where I’m going if I’m feeling lethargic, sing to myself, and walk around with a marble in my pocket. There’s no magic cure all, everyone’s got their own issue requiring its own marble. Addressing a problem, making an effort, and caring is always more worth it than attempting to ignore or please the villain.

3 thoughts on “Free cats tomorrow

  1. Try this:

    “I decided to shoot pictures of men who made comments to me on the street. I had always hated this invasion of my privacy and now I had the means of my revenge. As I walked along Houston Street with my fully automated Nikon, I felt armed, ready. I passed a man who muttered ‘Wanna fuck?’ This was standard technique: the female passes and the male strikes at the last possible moment forcing the woman to backtrack if she should dare to object. I wheeled around, furious. ‘Did you say that?’ He looked around surprised, then defiant. ‘Yeah, so what the fuck if I did?’ I raised my Nikon, took aim, began to focus. His eyes darted back and forth, an undercover cop? CLICK.”

  2. This is an interesting post. Getting cat called is exhausting. Sometimes they don’t even see your face or body because you’re all covered up-like you said in coveralls or something- but they assume there must be a vagina somewhere in there so they must shout something at it. So fucking weird. It’s interesting that you get it so bad here. I get it way less here than in Detroit. I wonder if it’s because I look so plain this days-invisible? Probably not. There’s probably no reason. A normal ride to the store there was like a freaking battle field-guys laying on horns and hanging out the windows, running a long side your bike asking for a ride…circling you with their bikes or flat out shouting obscenities. Trying to rhyme even. One time I was talking to my friend outside the bar and a drunk guy walked out and slapped my ass. I chased him down the street yelling “who the fuck do you think you are?????” and whipped my golden high heal at his head. My crowing glory.

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